A History Of Improving The Way The World Works

SANCO predecesor(Taiwan and China mainland)makes hard work easier — that's our story. Since the beginning, we've pioneered innovative solutions to the practical challenges.



SANCO predecesor and "Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute" joint the production of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine. To assemble 25 airplanes of American model MD82 and produce airplane related accessories.



SANCO predecesor expanded between 1984 and 1985, factory grow from 5,000 to more than 20,000 square meters. This growth is driven by increased demand for Hydraulic Bending Machine. During time period, SANCO predecesor design and manufacture Pipe End Forming Machine.

SANCO predecesor design and manufacture the CNC Hydraulic and Electric Pipe Bending Machine accroding to Italian Bender drawings. And SANCO predecesor design the controlling system. And manufacture Cutting Machine, Chamfering Machine, Grinding Machine and Polishing Machine.



With Taiwan bender company manufacture Pipe Bending Machine and Cutting Machine in Zhangjiagang City of China.



SANCO imported 4 CNC Machining Center, 6 Lathe Machines, 5 Milling Machines, 6 Drilling Machines, 5 Grinding Machines and so on.




SANCO make tight bending radius, for example 1D and 0.9D bending radius.



SANCO make the Pushing Bending Machine, multi-stacks CNC Pipe Bending Machine with Industry PC controller.



SANCO manufactured many Bending Machines, Cutting Machines, Forming Machines for automobile industry, for example HONDA car.


As leader of drafting "Chinese Standard of CNC Pipe Bending Machine" (GB / T28763-2012), and also is the leader of "Chinese Standard of Pipe Bending Machine Safety" (GB28760-2012).


SANCO continues on into a bold new future...